Mobile Major Millions Slot Review

Mobile Major Millions Slot Review Mobile Major Millions Slot is a 3 reel, 3-payline and 3-coin, progressive slot game. The starting level of the slot game progressive is $250,000 and quickly progresses to over a million dollars before it is won. This jackpot slot has been consistently among the favorites of players who like to play for big jackpots.

Major millions is another slot game innovation by Microgaming. The wild symbol is the logo for Major Millions and will help to complete any payline into a winner if possible. A payout schedule will show the player what images are winners, how many you need on a payline and the size of the payout. The graphics while in vivid colors are rather simple and are used not for a theme so much as for a way to show the images and make it easy to discern which image is which.

As the jackpot progresses the play on the machine grows and thereby makes the jackpot grow even faster. This is the nature of all jackpot machines. When a player decides to play this game, the player should also think in terms of playing for the jackpot. In order to qualify for the jackpot, the player must have played the maximum wager. Playing a lesser amount could be very costly for the player if they hit the jackpot images and do not have the correct amount bet. This Gamewire construed machine is ideal for the mobile slot-playing player. The attraction of winning a big payoff is enough for many players to give it a shot when they go to the casino.

If you are not a slot player by choice, a player should give these progressives a spin or two just in case it is your lucky day. After this little side trip, you can get on with playing your favorite game.

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