Mobile Keno Review

Mobile Keno Review Mobile Keno is played much the same as it is online or in a live casino. The game is simple in concept. The player picks a group of numbers, usually eight out of eighty and places a wager. If the numbers come up out of the twenty that are drawn, the player will win a payoff. The amount of the payoff will depend on the number of correct picks you made out of the eight you picked.

Keno is a game of complete luck and has little skill involved in winning. The game is quick and the wagers can come fast and furious. For this reason the smart player will set a time limit and a loss limit. The game can be played for small amounts of money, but the number of bets can be quite a few in an hour. The limits you set are important. If you try to figure using some algorithm to come up with the numbers to play, good luck. You can get the numbers for sure, but they do not do much good if they do not show up on the next game.

Keno has a long history of play starting in China and coming to the states via the casinos. The profit that casinos make from Keno is astounding and for that reason the game is a high edge game. Playing it a little is fine; playing for a long time is kind of foolish.

Take a shot for a few games to see if you are lucky. Try it for a short time and then move on to the lower edge games. Players must realize that gaming is a percentage game and the games that have the lowest edge are the ones that players should learn to play well.

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