Mobile Blackjack Review

Mobile Blackjack ReviewMobile Blackjack is played the same as it is in a live casino or online. The secret to the game is let the dealer bust and do not take the dealer card when the dealer has a bust card showing. Another bet that should not be made is the purchase of insurance when the dealer is showing and ace. The payoff if you win is not the correct odds. This bet is way too much in favor of the house. If the dealer shows a break card, the player should always take advantage of double down or splitting small pairs like threes or sixes. Unless you are playing in a live casino where you can count the cards, you should not split pairs of face cards. Pairs of aces should always be split. Playing for the dealer to break is the only way to increase the odds in your favor on any online blackjack table. Random card dealing online or mobile will usually stop long winning streaks by either the dealer or the player.

If you win a hand in this game, consider a small parlay on the next and then revert back to your original bet. The reason for this play is the wins do come in bunches, but not long streaks. This is a low house edge game and is worth learning how to play well. There are many good articles on the web about how to play at mobile casinos and Blackjack in a smart way. Those that are not wiling to learn how to play the game correctly are going to give the house more of an edge and increase the houses chances of winning. That does not compute or seem very smart. Another rule that should always be part of any gaming venture is set a betting limit and a time limit. The betting limit is how much you are willing to lose in one session. The time limit is all about keeping your mind fresh.

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