Mobile Baccarat Review

Mobile Baccarat Review In the Mobile Baccarat in the mobile casinos is played the same way it is in the online casino and with the same rules. The game is easy to play, as there are only three bets that the player can make on any hand. The bets are on the Bank, on the Player or on the Tie. The game is decided if the hands do not tie by who is the closes to nine between the Bank and Player. Face cards and tens count as zero and if the addition of the numbers of the two cards dealt to the Player and the Bank add up to more than nine, the first digit is dropped and only the last digit counts in the play of the hand. If for example the Player hand were dealt a nine and a seven, the count for the hand would be a six. If the cards were a king and a nine, the count for the hand would be nine.

When either hand is dealt an eight or a nine, the play stops. The hand closer to nine wins. An Eight or a Nine in two cards is called a Natural and stops all play. If the hands are a tie, there is no winning hand and only a tie bet would be paid at odds of eight to one.

The secret to this game is to play for a run of winning hands on one side or the other. Most players will play the side that won the last hand and hope for a string of wins on that side of the play. One thing a player should not do is fight a string of wins on either side. The player should not bet that the next hand would go to the other side. This is a costly way to play.

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