Mobile 3Card Poker Review

Mobile 3Card Poker Review Mobile 3Card Poker is played by dealing the player and the dealer 3 cards. The one with the highest three-card poker hand wins the hand. Bonuses are paid for hands of higher value. The rules in Mobile gaming are the same as you will find online casino or in a live casino.

The reason to play the game is to try to catch one of the big bonus poker hands. For this reason, the bonus bet is a good one to use a small progressive bet on.

The wins and losses seem to come in groups and do not seem to flip flop back and forth. Short streaks need to be played for as these can make a player money if they use small parlays. However, the streak will be short and not very many wins in a row. There are always exceptions to any idea, but in this case experience validates the short streak idea.

The progressive bet on the bonus bet is a hard one to quantify. If you lose 4 or 5 bets in a row, think about starting the progression over again from the start. It is just too dangerous to the player to continue it forever.

The dealer will have some lucky hands and the player will have some lucky hands. These seem to even out over the course of a session. The big bonus bets are where the money is made in this game. If during a session, you can hit some big payoff hands, then you should end up on the positive side of the ledger at the end of the time period you have set for yourself.

Watch for winning trends and try to capture some of the wins with bigger than average bets. Winning trend, bet to win.

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