Royal Vegas Mobile Casino Review

Royal Vegas Mobile Casino Logo Royal Vegas Mobile casino has a bonus for new customers deposits, which is 30 pounds for a 20-pound deposit. The mobile casino player can play several different games that include Baccarat, Keno, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Scratch Card and Jacks or Better Video Poker. This list while small in number offers a variety of games that appeals to most players who gamble online and therefore will appeal to players who gamble at this mobile casino.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made with credit or debit cards and also with e-wallets. These are the same methods that the online casino uses so there is no difference for the customer that has used these methods before. They are easy to use and a player can quickly fund a new account using these methods.

Support can be used to judge a casinos ability to be a good place0 to play. Royal Vegas has player support 24/7 via phone or e-mail. They also offer a call back feature that allows them to call back a customer that wishes to discuss the situation by phone. The purpose of this service is to insure that a players concerns are resolved and Royal Vegas does an excellent job of making this happen.

Phone devices that work with this online mobile casino site are listed on the website for Royal Vegas. This is important, as devices that are not on the list will not work with this mobile casino. A wise player will check for phone compatibility before opening an account or at least check with support to see if they have added to the list.

Royal Vegas Mobile Casino ReviewThe highest played games on mobile casinos are the slots. There is a very good reason for this as the win for the wager is huge. There are regular slot games and the big draw is the progressives with their oversized jackpots. Royal Vegas offers these big jackpot slots so players that are attracted to this form of gaming will find them on this site also. The hope is they find you when you are lucky.

As a player on Royal Vegas, the player can become a member of the Fortune Lounge Members Club, which will reward you for your activity and deposits. The more you play, the more you earn in points. The points can be converted to into free casino credits and are in effect free money. Active players can earn a significant number of credits for very active play. Royal Vegas is a member of this group of casinos and that connection is what gets a player into the members club and also allows for the awarding the player points. This group of casinos is respected within the casino community.

Players who play online would recognize many of the casinos that are part of this group. With this kind of expertise and backing the player can assume that the Royal Vegas would be a rather secure place to play and their money in an account would be secure. Many of the table games that are offered on this site are low edge percentage games for the house. This gives the player a reasonable chance to win if they play the game with skill and smart plays. For those that are not that knowledgeable about these games the wisest thing they can do is read some of the excellent articles on how to play Blackjack and Baccarat. The slot games are all about being lucky and have little skill element that will affect the outcome of the spins. The choice is up to the player on these sites.

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